Award-winning Four Horsemen Studios and Great Hall Game Studios are excited to bring you the first-ever video game based on the popular Mythic Legions toy line!

Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade is the first season of this action-adventure, turn-based strategy and tactics game set in the world of Mythoss, where different factions of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, knights, skeletons, demons, trolls, and more are battling for control of the mystical relic weapon – the Aetherblade!

Power struggles, epic battles, and alliances all await you in Mythic Legions Tactics!

 As part of the gameplay, you will create your own custom characters to send into battle as part of one of the 5 good & evil factions. As you play through the game’s storyline, you will have the choice to recruit new characters, modify your current ones, and customize aspects of each as the game progresses. You can even choose to switch factions – from good to evil – during the campaign.

Your favorite Weapons and Armor pieces will be making their way to Mythic Legions Tactics! You will be able to customize different weapons with color combinations and configurations! There will be different levels of skill, class-specific characteristics, and special attacks that you can add to your band of warriors.

Over 150 battles will be fought on a 3-D Hex Grid with a turn-based combat system based on the stats of your characters, as well as your opponents. Play single-player mode, multi-player mode, or Battle Template mode where you strategically build your team and watch them auto-battle against your enemies.